Locate All Disconnected Mailboxes in Exchange 2010 from Powershell

Many of you are familiar with Disconnected Mailboxes within Exchange 2007 and 2010.  Exchange 2007 would not always update the disconnected status right away and that has been resolved in 2010.  Within EMC, you have a nice window to look at which mailboxes have been disconnected.  This works great for SMB companies that only have one mailbox server.  For larger companies, you will need to select a server to view mailboxes that were disconnected on that server.

This post is to give a few helpful PowerShell commands to run against your Exchange 2010 environment.  They range from simple one server commands to looking across all mailbox servers in your enterprise.

1.  Finding all Disconnected Mailboxes in a specific Database:

Get-MailboxStatistics -Server <DatabaseName> | where-object {$_.DisconnectDate -NotLike ”} | FT DisplayName,ServerName,TotalItemSize

2.  Finding all Disconnected Mailboxes on a specific server:

Get-MailboxStatistics -Server <ServerName> | where-object {$_.DisconnectDate -NotLike ”} | FT DisplayName,DatabaseName,TotalItemSize

3.  Finding all Disconnected Mailboxes in Exchange Organization

Get-ExchangeServer | Where-Object {$_.IsMailboxServer -eq $true} | Get-MailboxStatistics | where-object {$_.DisconnectDate -NotLike ”} | FT DisplayName,DatabaseName,TotalItemSize

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