VMware Certified Professional 5!!

Today I passed the VMware Certified Professional 5 exam and, as usual, it was tough.  Since I had already passed the VCP4 exam, I was able to take this exam without attending a pre-requisite class.  The only problem was that the I had to take it before February 29th.

I decided last week to bite the bullet and schedule it before it was too late and prepared for the exam by going through nitty gritty settings of ESXi and vCenter to make sure I knew the material that isn’t used everyday.  This plan of attack seemed to help and I was able to pass the exam with flying colors.

If you find yourself in the same situation, go take the exam before February 29th. If you need more time to prepare, you can always take the VMware vSphere Whats New class.

Below is the Certification Path


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