EMCWorld 2012 was my first EMC conference and I have to say that I was impressed with the schedule and offerings that EMC provided to nearly 15,000 participants. The conference was at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, NV and no expense was spared. Continue reading

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VMware Certified Professional 5!!

Today I passed the VMware Certified Professional 5 exam and, as usual, it was tough.  Since I had already passed the VCP4 exam, I was able to take this exam without attending a pre-requisite class.  The only problem was that the I had to take it before February 29th. Continue reading

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Microsoft Certified Master | Exchange 2010

As I decided to return to writing on this blog, I only found it fitting to start with a picture of the MCM award that I received from the grueling 3 weeks of training at the Redmond campus back in late January/Early February 2011.  The program is well worth the time and effort as you become one in an elite community of professionals.

Here is a link to the program information on Microsoft’s site.

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Locate All Disconnected Mailboxes in Exchange 2010 from Powershell

Many of you are familiar with Disconnected Mailboxes within Exchange 2007 and 2010.  Exchange 2007 would not always update the disconnected status right away and that has been resolved in 2010.  Within EMC, you have a nice window to look … Continue reading

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Creating Custom RBAC for Exchange 2010 Administration

Most Administrators may have found the transition to Role Based Access Control (RBAC) more challenging than expected in Exchange Server 2010.  Trying to use the “Built In” RBAC security groups is nearly impossible as it makes you fit your Admins into a Microsoft mold.  When first looking to create your own RBAC roles, the process may seem nearly impossible.  In this post, I will step you through creating basic RBAC group for members of the Helpdesk. Continue reading
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